Maity Poultry Services

We as an organization is continuously encouraging & supporting new entities and interested personalities for joining the industry to be an icon by setting-up new poultry units and join hands for the development of layer poultry farming including all segments poultry production in our state. We also provide consultancy services through modern poultry management methods, scientific & technical support for all entrepreneurs and poultry farmers despite of small, medium or big units. We are always in touch & maintaining a healthy relationship with the farmers group and the state government to work jointly for the ultimate growth and all round development of the poultry industry in West Bengal. We are one of the most identified commercial table egg producing organization in the state and is always in a hurry to bring more remarkable & sustainable growth in layer production in West Bengal.

The organization is also working as a medium to deliver all types of information to interested people related to government projects, events and other advantageous scopes for the betterment of the poultry industry. We are a diversified organization dealing with different products of value added eggs (designer eggs) like OVN Eggs, Vit- Rich, Sel-Rich, Gold-Rich Brown eggs with enriched vitamins & minerals nutrition, culled birds, organic poultry manures and poultry feed and bio-fertiliser all together, we are working as a one point establishment with all types of products & services to meet-up every requirement for the poultry Industry.